A Catered Fourth of July (Mystery with Recipes Series, Book 10)

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He also had a band that played for everyone. Upon investigation it was soon discovered that someone fooled around with the remote ignition button and killed Gary. But who would do that? He was a well-liked man and had no enemies. Heather, her best friend, bakery assistant, and fellow P.

Could it have been one of the people who spoke to Gary as he was setting up the display on the beach? All the usual characters are there helping Heather to not only solve the murder but to partake of her delicious donuts. The book is fun even though there is that murder to solve but everything turns out for the best at the end. Heather, of course baked some tasty treats, sugar donuts, for the workshop. But something soon took the joy out of the occasion. Frank escaped with an injured leg when something fell on it during the fire and he was sent to the hospital.

But Frank was also felt very guilty. Muriel was very well liked by Thaddeus and the other legal assistant, Roger Gretchen. In fact no one could think of a reason why would want to see Muriel dead. Detective Ryan Shepherd thinks that whomever set the office on fire might have been trying to destroy some of the office files and had no idea that Muriel was still in there. But who would want to destroy the files and for what reason and was Muriel involved somehow? Thaddeus Fisher was very upset when he heard of her death.

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He said she was his best assistant which made his other assistant, Roger Gretchen, jealous but was he jealous enough to want to kill Muriel and make it look like someone wanted to destroy the office? Since the law firm dealt with divorce cases could one of the clients have been angry at the Thaddeus because of a loss of a divorce proceeding? One of them might have believed that they did not get enough money from the divorce and blamed Thaddeus. Alan Grift was another suspect. But maybe someone did want to murder Muriel after all. Could it have been it her husband?

Another murder investigation for Heather and Amy to solve and with the help of giving out their yummy donuts the arsonist will soon be in handcuffs. Like all the previous books this one is just as entertaining and filled with all the regular characters. The series is fun to read and great for all ages. Author Susan Gillard has written yet another winner. He was stabbed to death and then his fingers were broken after he was killed. Detective Smith, who is supposed to be retiring very soon, thinks that this murder could be related to the murder of a nurse two years earlier.

Her husband Ryan finally started working as a police detective and the donut shop was coming along until Heather realized that online donut sales were slipping.

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The first time they went to speak with the owner they had to run out when the woman threw the donuts Heather and Amy wanted to give her. The next time they went to speak with her they found the owner dead and suddenly Amy and Heather were the prime suspects. So they decided they better investigate on their own to figure out who poisoned the coffee shop owner.

Their bookstore owner friend has been finding love poems in some of her books and has no idea who is writing them or who the poems are for so she asks Heather and Amy for some help solving this problem. The owner of a cupcake shop was found stabbed to death. As they investigate with Ryan, who has finally to agreed let them help, the awesome P. Why is this ruby hidden in the flour and who gave it to her. Was it her boyfriend or one of her three assistants and if not them, then who and does this gem of a discovery have anything to do with her murder?

Heather is making a pre Thanksgiving dinner, minus the turkey, just to see if she can make all the side dishes. Her husband, police detective Ryan Shepherd, calls her to help him with something that she can do, help investigate a murder. Craig Caulfield was killed while deep frying a turkey. It seems like the oil shot up hurting the chef and putting the yard on fire.

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This might have been an accident since deep frying a turkey can be dangerous, but everyone thinks that it might have been murder. One of their sons, Chris, was helping him and was lucky not to have been killed and ended up in the hospital from his burns. Everyone thinks that this was no accident but a homicide and that someone killed the chef, but who?

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Was it wife, Jocelyn or some other family member? Heather and her best friend, Amy Givens, will find out the truth and solve the case. The grooming van is a huge success on its opening day but Jamie ends up with a small problem named Miss Marshmallow. Amy and Jamie kept Miss Marshmallow overnight and it was not easy.

The little dog was a real diva and refused to eat.

On investigating the murder the P. But why would someone murder her and who? Was it one of the people working with her or was it someone from Atlanta?

It was a miracle. Heather Shepherd and her best pal, Amy Givens, actually had a little bit of spare time on their hands. Joy Cromwell, a friend of Eva and Leila, live at the retirement home and she recently discovered that some of her jewelry and money had been stolen.

The same thing had also happened to a few other women living at the home so Heather and Amy decided to help out and find the thief. When the two women got to the home they found Joy and asked her and some other residents some questions and Amy, joking around, said that the gardener was the thief.

That joke was far from funny because the Heather and Amy soon found the gardener, Grant Jenkins, dead, hit over the head with a garden hoe. Jenkins worked at the retirement home for seven years and was very well liked by the people who lived there. He did his best to plant the types of flowers that had the different colors that the residents liked.

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Basically, the gardener had no enemies. The only reason Heather could think of as to why he was killed was that he saw the thief and was murdered because of that. The Sunny Shores Retirement Home was also a hot bed for romance. Lots of the residents would get together for some innocent adult mischief and not all the romance involved just residents. But every time Vernon was visited money or jewelry were reported missing. Was it any wonder that Vernon was now the prime suspect in this case?

So who killed the gardener and who stole the money and jewels?

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Did just one person do this or were two people involved? Heather and Amy are on the case looking for clues. How could anyone lie with a mouth full of a yummy donut treat? The only problem I have is that he book needs more editing.