Brothers to the Death (Cirque Du Freak: The Saga of Larten Crepsley, Book 4)

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SODS is my second favourite book series of all time My ultimate favourite being Harry Potter , of course , so it's great to revisit all those memorable characters again. This book starts in the 19th. His family is very large and poor. Larten has many brothers and sisters, but is most friendly with his orphan cousin Vur Horston SODS' readers may recognise that name I'm not saying. Larten, Vur and Larten's siblings are forced to work in a silk factory.

Darren Shan is famous for his vile, evil villains, and Traz, who runs the factory, is one of his most disgusting creations yet. Terrible events force the young Larten to flee his home. In a graveyard, he meets Seba Nile, a vampire, who takes Larten under his wing as his assistant. In SODS the ways of the vampires were elaborately explained in great detail. As most people reading BOAK will have already read SODS, it would be boring for them to re-tread all this information again, so the ways of the vampires are only briefly explained. It's brilliant seeing SODS characters again.

Here though he's a main character, meaning we learn much more about him. Of course, the main character who we learn about here is Larten Crepsley. We learn of the many hardships he was forced to endure in his young age. Several SODS characters return, but there are also many new characters.

For each new character it gets me thinking: what will happen to this person? Why aren't they in SODS? Will they meet a grisly end? As this is a Darren Shan book, I'm guessing so With characters we know in later books, however, some of the tension is lost because we know they are gonna survive. One critism I did have with this book was that, at times Although these are few and far between Shan's characters are a bit generic.

Seba is also sometimes just a copy of grown-up Mr Crepsley, whilst young Wester could easily be snake-boy Evra.

Author Notes:

And most of the characters in this book are male, which female readers may not approve of. The only women are: Larten's Mum Who barely has a page or so of mentions , a few vampires in Vampire Mountain Who only get a small handful of lines , and some generic Some might even say sexist women who's sole job are to flirt with the men and buy drinks for them. But please don't not get BOAK just because of these slips.

Most of the time Shan's characters are well written. I loved this book, but at times I did wonder where it was going, because there's no real plot, it's just a series of events, but these are entertaining events, make no mistaker about it. If you enjoyed SODS, you'll love this!

If you've not read SODS but are interested in getting this, but don't want to invest in reading a twelve book series just to read this, then I'd say get BOAK, although you may be left a little confused at times. At the end of the last book, Larten and Wester were left behind by Seba so that they could have fun living in the human world with fellow young vampires called Cubs. The book starts off with Larten having a ball of a time, and when he leaves behind the Cubs he and Wester join a war pack: they observe humans fighting and then feast on the bloody corpses. It's one of these 'feasts' that provides the book's second most gruesome scenes, but the top scene for giving you nightmares is Well, I'll talk about that later.

The fun and games can't last forever, though, and Larten and Wester are soon back at Vampire Mountain. Wester knows what he wants to do with his life, but Larten is not sure, and so the majority of this book sees Larten trying to find his path in life. More characters from 'The Saga of Darren Shan' are re-visited in this book, including Evanna, Arra Sails and Vancha, and whilst it is good to learn more about these characters, it also can make this book at times feel like just a re-telling of 'The Saga of Darren Shan' rather than a brand new book.

But that's only at times; mostly this books feels fresh and original. However, one big critism I had with this book that stopped 'Ocean fo Blood' getting a better score of 4 or 5 was the lack of a real plot; like the last book, this feels like a series of random unconnected events put together. I mentioned before that there is a scene that will give you nightmares and that blood-drenched scene comes right at the end of the book, and it left me with shivers, despite it being a very hot day at the time!

Another main critism of this book is that, like 'Birth of a Killer', there are very few strong, original female characters. Most of the women are either: stupid and pretty humans for the Cubs to woo or a house-wife waiting for her husband to come home so she can cook the tea for him. There are some strong women, these being Lady Evanna and Malora, but even these have their sexist labels: Evanna is only liked by men when she looks gorgeous and beautiful, and Malora spends most of her time cooking and cleaning for Larten, and falls in love almost instantly. This may have a low-score, but it's still worth a read if you've enjoyed Shan's other books.

Shan's first stand-alone book sees young Jebel Rum, a weak little boy, set off on a quest to gain invincibility, regain his honour, get the love of his life Just as gory as all other Shan books Children getting their heads smashed against rocks, bats savaging people, grave-robbing, etc , so obviously not for young children. Jebel's adventures are very well-written and imaginative. This story is all about different cultures and religions. Whilst this does at times destract from the story, it is mostly a welcome plot device, that helps make the world this book is set in come alive!

As this is a stand-alone, it is bigger than the other Shan books, and more expensive. The world Shan paints is dark and bleak at times, and there are some cool monsters. There may be a bit too many coincidences here Jebel escapes villains, then meets them again, then escapes them, then meets them again!! This isn't Shan's best book Although he said on his website that it's his favourite , but is still essential for horror fans. When I first read this when I was about ten years old, I was terrified, and had many sleepless nights!

I put this book safely away in the book case, never to be read again Expertly written, this book is sure to send a shiver down even the most die-hard horror fans!

Allies of the Night - The Saga of Darren Shan

Lord Loss and his demon slaves Vein and Artery are great villains: very scary, very creepy, very well written. The plot of this book is simpler than later books: a boy's world is turned upside down when a horrible demon murders his chess-obssessed family. The boy, Grubbs Grady What a great name! With a great conclusion, this book will have you hooked all the way through! And we aren't disappointed! The characters and villains are great in this book, and all the worlds of the Demonata are well described and creepy. Very gory School children are slaughtered very early on in the book , very scary, very good.

When Lord Loss gets a little girl, taunts her about the life she will never have now, then kills her! They are invited to help make a big-budget horror movie: 'Slawter'. It's all about demons. Grubbs, Dervish and Bill-E are persuaded to go help, with Dervish assuring Grubbs that the demons aren't real It's no surprise when this is revealed, so I hope you don't mind me saying here.

The Saga of Larten Crepsley

There are more cool monsters, and the plot is very clever. What's this book's most scary scene? For example, one scene sees a mother get eaten alive by her zombie children! Lord Loss! Shan's description of Celtic Ireland are very well done He and his girlfriend, Bas, explored Ireland before he wrote this book, so some of the places described here are places he actually went to! The wait for the next book must have been so agonising!

It's all about Grubbs' relationship with a girl, with only a minor back story of demon mayem brewing.

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Yes, alright, it IS considerably less of a page-turner than other Shan books, but the plot is still compelling, the characters still well written and believable. And what a cliff-hanger ending! It must have been so agonising! You got that? Right then, so I can procceed Following on from 'Blood Beast', this book sees Grubbs trapped on a plane.

Brothers to the Death by Darren Shan

Juni has betrayed him to Lord Loss, who is now horribly murdering the innocents also unlucky enough to be on that plane. How will Grubbs escape this time? Once he does get off Sorry, I know that's a bit of a spoiler for this book, but c'mon, of course he was going to find a way out! He can't just die at the beginning! But dark things are brewing Bec tries to settle into the 21st century in this book, whilst battling demons and investigating what that strange Shadow creature was Seller information livtown Contact seller.

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