Cadmium: From Toxicity to Essentiality

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It generates oxidative stress.

This chapter discusses the chemis- try and biochemistry of cadmium II ions, the only important state of cadmium in biology. This background is needed to interpret the countless effects of cadmium in laboratory experiments with cultured cells or with animals with regard to their significance for human health.

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It appears that the more we learn about the biochemistry of cadmium and the more sensitive assays we develop for determining exposure, the lower we need to set the upper limits for exposure to protect those at risk. But he and his wife Harmonia ended their lives as serpents. In group 12 of the Periodic System of the Chemical Elements, cadmium is between zinc and mercury. It shares some properties with the essential element zinc, its lower atomic weight neighbor, and with the toxic element mercury, its higher atomic weight neighbor.

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Two chemists discovered cadmium independently as an impurity of calamine zinc carbonate in There is 0. Its mining, smelting, and industrial usage increased the availability in the environment and anthropogenic sources are the most significant threat to human health. The main route of exposure is through nutrition and smoking.

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Provides an up-to-date information on the role of cadmium in life Covers the toxicology of cadmium including its effect on cancer Describes the essentiality of cadmium for marine microorganisms Describes the analytical tools needed for cadmium studies of biological samples Describes the biogeochemistry of cadmium, its release into the environment and effects on plants see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover.

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Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Volume 11 provides in an authoritative and timely manner in 16 stimulating chapters, written by 40 internationally recognized experts from 11 nations, and supported by more than references, 35 tables, and over illustrations, many in color, a most up-to-date view on the role of cadmium for life, presently a vibrant research area.

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