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David Mark Weber is an American science fiction and fantasy author. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in Weber and his wife Sharon live in Greenville, South Carolina with their three children and "a passel of dogs". Previously the owner of a small advertising and public relations agency, Weber now writes science fiction full time.

Mission of Honor (Honor Harrington #12) (Mass Market)

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Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Popular Searches tools for titans the long earth vicious v e schwab. Item Added: Mission of Honor. View Wishlist. While this particular story is supposedly about Honor with her diplomatic mission to Haven, the honors were shared fairly equally with Mike and her battles with the Sollies.

I'm wondering if this is Weber's way of easing Honor out of the picture I sure hope not. In the meantime, Manpower is very definitely flexing its hidden muscles with devastating consequences but things may not be going all their way for very much longer The Second Read Twelfth in the Honor Harrington military science fiction series. My Take Be sure you've taken your blood pressure meds…ya gonna need 'em as you read through one heart-jumping situation after another!

Betrayals and idiots abound They've been scamming the systems for decades if not centuries and slowly, oh, so, slowly, those being conned are There are great triumphs and great tragedies, yet, with this glimmer of light coming through and the integrity of Honor Harrington shining, there seems to be hope.

I just love this series But I particularly enjoy the HH series as Weber is so incredibly detailed in both his descriptions of the ships, the battles, the weaponry, AND he creates the most incredible characters and worlds. Weber snatches bits from the French Revolution to create the People's Republic of Haven, our Earth is now the Solarian League which feels like such a natural result, but its democratic principles and the nature of man have created a corrupt society that needs to evolve, the current Star Empire of Manticore is I like to think!

I just can't emphasize the incredible detail Weber has put into this series. Absolutely amazing! I've read this installment before and caught it up again to prepare for A Rising Thunder and found details I had missed in that earlier reading. Wooh, I am so ready to find out what happens next Elizabeth has finally met with Eloise. An SLN fleet of ships of the wall are threatening The Cover and Title The cover is oh, so Baen with its brilliant colors and cartoony spaceships attacking the planet encircling a saluting Honor.

Jul 13, Allan rated it really liked it. In At All Costs Honor and her eighth fleet have smashed the Havenite navy and the war between both star nations is over. The only thing left is to finally have a treaty between them. In the Talbott cluster, Admiral Michel Henke has just defeated a squadron of the Solarian navy, and the Solarians are not happy about it. Throughout the history of the Honorverse novels David Weber has created many memorable characters. All of the surviving characters make an appearance in this novel, although someone of them just get a brief mention. The book tends to jump around a lot between different characters and locations in an attempt to tie up as many loose ends as possible it seems.

Events in the storyline are coming to a head and this book seems to be a bridge between the different Honorverse storylines. The two main plots of this book revolve around Haven and the Solarian League. Now that the Havenite war is over, it is time to make peace according to both sides.

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Early in the book, Honor takes her eighth fleet directly to Haven to negotiate with President Pritchart. Much like other diplomatic endeavors throughout the books, it is wrought with political intrigue, although this time it is much more subdued and things seem to go well.

The Solarian navy has been putting pressure on the Manticoran efforts in the Talbott cluster since the wormhole had been found. They were not happy with Henke defeating their battle cruisers, but they are unwilling to believe such a small star nation could have much better technology than the mighty Solarian League. The story moves quickly throughout the book, in some places perhaps a little too quickly. The plot however, moves forwards much more quickly than previous books and is a welcome change since it seems as though there is a lot left to cover.

Overall, this book is a needed addition to the Honorverse series.

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It brings a multitude of plot lines together and gives us an update on all the major characters. The plot moved forward and the reader gets a sense that the series is nearing its end which will be action packed and truly epic. Aug 19, Tracy Mazur rated it it was ok Shelves: sci-fi. For an "Honor Harrington" book she was hardly freaking in it. This could have been pages less, or had more content about the main characters of the series, and it would have been MUCH better.

I'm ashamed to say that I skimmed nearly all the sections with the Solarian League and barely gave more attention to the stuff with Gold Peak - and I actually like her. Very disappointed. I even took a break from the series before reading this one so I wouldn't be burned out. Oct 15, P. Solomon rated it really liked it. As usual, Weber tells a winding tale with long-running character, Honor Harrington. This book is chocked full of intrigue and the resulting tension - but only after a bit of a slow start.

At times it's as dense as a Le Carre book but seems to bog down at times for no reason. Overall, I enjoyed this edition of the series. Jun 20, Sable rated it really liked it. I've missed you!


Since I'm trying to read the Honorverse books in chronological order from On Basilisk Station , it's been some time since I've seen much of Honor Harrington. The development of the overarching macroplot that is the focus of the current books started with other characters, and only starts to splash on Honor peripherally at first, such as by sending her back to war with Haven see At All Costs.

But now she's in it up to her ears. Things are exploding between Manticore and the Honor! Things are exploding between Manticore and the huge and powerful Solarian League in Talbott, and the war against Haven is one they really can't afford to have in the face of such a threat. So she is sent to Haven to decide the war once and for all. What a joy it is to watch our battle-seasoned heroine serve as a diplomat as well as a soldier!

She is fortunately aided by her empathic link with her treecat, Nimitz, and her own subsequently enhanced empathic abilities. She's been a voice of reason in support of the new Havenite administration for a long time, so it makes sense to send her, despite her lack of diplomatic experience. She's an iron fist in a velvet glove - her battlefleet remains parked in Haven's home space while she tries to negotiate - but she really means it in her attempts to bring an end to hostilities. Action is cut between Honor's efforts and the rapidly escalating situation in Talbott, where Mike Henke is attempting to hold the fort.

Some good space battles happen that get the blood stirring. And in the meantime, the provocateurs at Mesa laugh and twirl their mustaches as the tsunami they've unleashed crashes off to destroy Manticore and Haven both. Then something happens that nobody sees coming, and the game completely changes. I would give this book five stars for its excellent action and plotting, except that we end up bogged down in a number of apparently unnecessary conference scenes while people speculate about what others might be thinking and planning.

It's good strategic thinking, but it really derails tension when the characters are constantly saying, "This is my idea of what they're thinking. Oh, they could actually be thinking this. For the discerning space opera fan, the scale of the space battles starts to ramp up in this book noticeably.

David Weber's Honor Harrington Series HYPE (Yeah, a Book Haul of Sorts)

There's a lot more ships and a lot - a lot - more missiles flying. I love it! Bring on the explosions! Bring on the worlds-shattering, high-stakes fleet battles! But then, I love the high-stakes politics just as much. When the fate of worlds hangs on the utterance of a word, I'm just as there as I would be with a battle to the death in spaceships. Weber once again proves why he is one of the modern masters of space opera.

Definitely recommended. And hey! You can check it out at the link above!

Jul 06, C. Rutherford rated it it was amazing. Brilliant, as usual. Oct 23, Chuck rated it it was amazing.

Mission of Honor (Honor Harrington Series #12) by David Weber, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

That's how engaging this book is. The war with the Haven is militarily concluded, and yet, people on the Haven and the Manticoran sides are unwilling to conclude a peace agreement--partially because of a generational distrust between the two peoples, and partially because some within both sides 74 out of for As I flipped the last page I screamed out loud at David Weber, "You jackass--you CAN"T stop there. The war with the Haven is militarily concluded, and yet, people on the Haven and the Manticoran sides are unwilling to conclude a peace agreement--partially because of a generational distrust between the two peoples, and partially because some within both sides see personal gain in continued warfare.

Honor Harrington has been sent to Haven to conduct negotiations to bring about a peace treaty. However, the "Sollies"--the Solarian League, have ineptly picked a fight with the Manticoarean Navy and, not surpisingly, gotten their heads handed to them. Rather than admit fault, they ignore their own intelligence estimates and conclude that the defeat was not because of any military, technological, or tactical superiority of the Manties but because of their own commanders incompetence.

They attack again, losing an entire fleet, without one Manticorean death.

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Then, Manticore itself is attacked by an outside military power no one knows anything about, the Mesans, whose goal is to reestablish genetic slaver in the galaxy.