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But instead are a testament to the majesty, resilience, self sufficiency,intelligence, and timeless beauty that of all cats. With his cats providing a first-hand case for study and inspiration, and he acting as observer and inspired scribe. This is a book that no feline lover should be without. Whether enjoyed whole, or morsel by delectable morsel. This book is purr-fect for giving its reader a serious case of the warm fuzzies for all things meow. Jan 06, Brian Pappas rated it really liked it.


Over pages of Bukowski and cats See, Bukowski has got a heart really!! And where is it directed? At his cats!! Being a pure cat lover and avid behaviour observer, I loved this book. Bukowski perfectly captures the nuances and variations in cat behaviour, from the loving, head booping kitty to the shit in your shoe hissing bully feral!!

If you're feeling bad, you just look at the cats, you'll feel better, because they know that everything is, just as it is. There's nothing to get excited See, Bukowski has got a heart really!!

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There's nothing to get excited about. They just know. They're saviors.

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The more cats you have, the longer you'll live There are 9 of them. I just look at one of them sleeping or half-sleeping and I relax Yes Charles just yes. Aug 03, Nicole Green rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry. May 25, Dane Cobain rated it it was amazing. I loved this book for many reasons. I also liked the way that it included photos of Bukowski with his cats, as well as a mixture of prose and poetry.

Nov 02, Jeimy rated it really liked it. I am not a fan of Bukowski, but I loved this collection about his cats. You can definitely hear his voice in many of them, but it is overshadowing by the love he feels for his many cats. Jun 20, Andrew rated it liked it. Pretty fun collection, but I'm pretty sure I have read nearly all of the collected material. I love cats, and I love Bukowski, what's not to enjoy about this book? Jan 19, Huda AbuKhoti rated it really liked it. I'm biased towards my love for cats so my rating shouldn't count :D. Feb 25, Robin Friedman rated it really liked it.

The Beautiful Devil Charles Bukowski -- was once an underground, cult figure but his reputation has grown since his death. His poetry, novels, and stories continue to be read and a steady stream of his writings has been published posthumously. It is a good addition to the The Beautiful Devil Charles Bukowski -- was once an underground, cult figure but his reputation has grown since his death. It is a good addition to the large body of Bukowski's writing. The book consists of poems and short prose works about cats.

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Many of the works have been published before in other forms, but the specific texts in this book are each published for the first time. Debritto gives a useful list of sources at the end of the volume. For example, one of the best works in this collection is a poem called "The Mockingbird" which is about a mockingbird which receives an unhappy comeuppance after taunting a cat. This is one of Bukowski's best-known poems and appears in a collection titled "Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. Some of the works in this book, however, are published for the first time.

The book also includes photographs of many of the cats Bukowski and his wife owned and loved over the years who are the subjects of some of the poems in this collection. Readers familiar with Bukowski will not be surprised at his love for cats.

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In this book, cats are not sentimentalized and portrayed as furry, sweet little creatures. Many of the works, such as "The Mockingbird" show the hard, cruel side of cats as they pursue and kill birds. The book sometimes emphasizes cats as loners and as coming off the streets, characteristics of Bukowski himself.

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  6. The book suggests that cats are comfortable with themselves, feel no guilt, and no how to relax by sleeping as much as twenty hours in a day. Bukowski says "[t]he cat is the beautiful devil. A cat is the picture of the eternal machinery, like the sea.

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    You don't pet the sea because it's pretty but you pet a cat -- why? And a cat never knows fear--finally -- he only winds up into the spring of the sea and the rock, and even in a death-fight he does not think of anything except the majesty of darkness. Elliott who have written a volume devoted to cats. This book will interest the growing group of Bukowski readers.

    It will also interest lovers of cats who are willing to hear a unique, tough-minded voice about their favorite animal. Robin Friedman Dec 24, Manik Sukoco rated it really liked it. American lowlife laureate Charles Bukowski is back from the dead. This new book by the boozy seer, who died in , gathers some of his most telling reflections on the creature he loved - the cat. Like him, the cats that grace the expletive-rich mash-up have many dents - the femur of one survivor, profiled in a poem titled Another Casualty, is held together by a silver screw.

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    Despite the brutality, the casualties who grace the pages of On Cats ooze tenacity, which Bukowski respects. In comparison, the people he analyses look shabby. Take the airhead veterinary receptionist featured in the poem Terminology, who goofs by asking if his admittedly frazzled cat is to be euthanised - the cultured grouch who worships cats is appalled.

    In another poem, I Learn From My Cats, he praises his mewing muses' dignity, simplicity and even temper. How hard it must have been for his lady friends to compete with the strays he rescued from the rain and gave free rein. However, the first contribution to this collection, which riffs on his lust for a hostess named Millie, is rambling - borderline boring.

    Another problem elsewhere is the strained run-ons. In one unnamed poem, the phrase "rose garden" is spread across two lines. In Exactly Fine, even more extremely, the word "conceited" is split in two. Worse, another book with the same title, by the novelist Doris Lessing, already exists. The clash raises questions about why the publisher stuck with the pre-loved title, when it could have used a juicy quote such as "beautiful devil". Another issue is just how much more Bukowski's ghost can be invoked: two other posthumous Bukowski volumes milk the themes of love and writing.

    Given his output, the sequels could continue indefinitely - his opinions on money or beer could be next. Either way, although sometimes slow, On Cats is droll and touching. Here's hoping the author has been granted his wish of coming back in his next life as a cat that sleeps 20 hours a day.

    Apr 01, Elsa Ers rated it really liked it. Cat people love to read pieces of literature by authors that are also cat people.

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    It's our nature. Combine this fascinating to me subject with Bukowski's dry, rough, whiskey soaked voice and you have a fun little vacation book! Guidelines Guidelines have been issued on the following feline infectious diseases and their causative agents They are intended for use by veterinary practitioners for quick and easy reference during vaccination consultations or telephone queries All this requires a huge investment in time and resources, which has had several consequences: 1.

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