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In some "braneworld scenarios," our universe is actually "stuck" inside of a 3-dimensional brane called a 3-brane.

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String theory was initially developed in the s in an attempt to explain some inconsistencies with the energy behavior of hadrons and other fundamental particles of physics. As with much of quantum physics, the mathematics that apply to string theory cannot be uniquely solved.

Why String Theory Still Offers Hope We Can Unify Physics | Science | Smithsonian

Physicists must apply perturbation theory to obtain a series of approximated solutions. Such solutions, of course, include assumptions which may or may not be true. The driving hope behind this work is that it will result in a "theory of everything," including a solution to the problem of quantum gravity , and to reconcile quantum physics with general relativity , thus reconciling the fundamental forces of physics. The original string theory focused only on boson particles.

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Superstring theory short for "supersymmetric string theory" incorporates bosons with another particle, fermions , as well as supersymmetry to model gravity. There are five independent superstring theories:. One consequence of the research in string theory is the realization that there is an immense number of possible theories that could be constructed, leading some to question whether this approach will ever actually develop the "theory of everything" that many researchers originally hoped.

Instead, many researchers have adopted a view that they are describing a vast string theory landscape of possible theoretical structures, many of which do not actually describe our universe. At present, string theory has not successfully made any prediction which is not also explained through an alternative theory. It is neither specifically proven nor falsified, though it has mathematical features which give it great appeal to many physicists.

Why String Theory Still Offers Hope We Can Unify Physics

This is well accepted in physics, but it turns out that string theory has trouble producing inflation. It could be a problem for string theory — or for inflation.

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  4. The LHC could rule out string theory. Particle collisions could reveal whether some of the fundamental assumptions of string theory are wrong.

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    Despite capturing the popular imagination, string theory is losing its public appeal. Sean Carroll argues that, despite the difficulties of testing it, the theory has still given us many valuable results.

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    Ice-bound neutrino hunter may bolster string theory. A neutrino experiment at the South Pole may be able to detect the predicted effects of string theory. The IceCube experiment will be able to detect up to 10 cosmic neutrinos per year. Those neutrinos may reveal the existence of extra spatial dimensions, which is a key prediction of string theory.

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    String theory fights back subscription only. Faced with accusations that their mathematical models cannot be tested, string theorists are retaliating with a host of thoughts on how to verify their ideas. These include looking for gravitational waves and scrutinising the results from particle accelerators. These would be billions of light years long, thinner than a proton and spectacularly dense. As they could reveal themselves in images of distant galaxies, the search is on. By Michael Marshall String theory is the idea that the fundamental particles we observe are not point-like dots, but rather tiny strings Image: clix, stock.

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