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Condition: Good.

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The book has been read but remains in clean condition. All pages are intact and the cover is intact. Some minor wear to the spine.

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Ironweed - Youthful Indiscretions [ ENG; NO SUBS ]

The spine remains undamaged. Book Description Scribner, Condition: Used; Good.

A decades-long overnight success story. Interview with William Kennedy

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William (Joseph) Kennedy Biography

Please note the Image in this listing is a stock photo and may not match the covers of the actual item,grams, ISBN Book Description Scribner, London, Condition: Fine. Book appears to have hardly been read and is in Fine condition throughout. Books is in good condition. In a bawdy and very funny scene, he manages to resuscitate La Ultima through the act of coitus, and she comes alive in his arms. Aroused, Hillegond joins in, while, unbeknownst to the participants, Quinn and the prepubescent Maud look on.

A short time later, after witnessing a second and even more astonishing resurrection, Maud and Quinn fling themselves at each other in a fury of oscular passion, until they are rudely separated by a scandalized Ultima. The separation is emblematic of their relationship, which is not resolved till the last page of the novel.

An Albany Trio by William Kennedy: | engasomlesent.ml: Books

It is this house, the Staats mansion, around which the remainder of the book revolves. Quinn and his friends become Hillegond's guests during the period of La Ultima's recovery, and, as a result, the young Daniel gets his first taste of newspaper work, which will become his education and profession both. Through Hillegond, he meets Will Canaday, the heroic and high-principled editor of The Albany Chronicle, and discovers a surrogate father and a home as well.

Unfortunately, he soon finds himself separated from Maud - through the machinations of John the Brawn - and embroiled in other adventures. When next he meets Maud - two years later, in Saratoga, where she has become essential to her aunt's stage performances - he is just shy of 17, a working journalist, and his part in delivering Hillegond's son from his kidnappers has earned him a lifelong annuity. The two come together again, only to be parted once more, and cruelly.

Hillegond is dead, a victim of murder; La Ultima, still a beauty in her 50's, is succumbing to the ebb of time; John the Brawn is famous, having become a champion pugilist, a strong-arm man for New York City's politicos and the owner of several Albany gambling houses; Quinn is famous too, as an unsparing Civil War correspondent; and Maud, delectable and mysterious, has earned herself a certain notoriety in the theater for a risque act involving an on-stage horseback ride. The war itself is conducted offstage, but in a riveting speech delivered to the beautiful people gathered for the races at Saratoga, Quinn brings its reality home.

He has grown confident, no longer the orphan buffeted by the winds of fate, but a man able ''to alter existence, to negate life's caprice and become causality itself.

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As a writer of historical fiction, William Kennedy is unparalleled among his contemporaries. Rooted firmly in Albany, he sees ''an archetypal as well as an historical context in which to view the city's mutations,'' and asserts that the ''task'' of his fiction is ''to peer into the heart of this always-shifting past, to be there when it ceases to be what it was, when it becomes what it must become under scrutiny, when it turns so magically, so inevitably, from then into now.

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And ''Ironweed,'' justly celebrated for its haunting, elegiac prose and its vision of a man crippled by the past, reinvents historical fiction. On the negative side, ''Quinn's Book'' does seem occasionally to warp under the weight of its history, sacrificing narrative drive and cohesion to the historical sidelights.

Then, too, the author's use of an ersatz 19th-century idiom often rings false, as in the line opening sentence, or in this description of Quinn's feelings on rescuing Maud from the icy Hudson: ''We made our way back to the pier, I full of such fears as might have paralyzed me had I not been in thrall to the vivid young girl who held my hand with the same tenacity a starving wolf might grip with peerless jaws the flank of a vagrant deer.

Fortunately, however, the language of ''Quinn's Book'' rises above the occasional lapses, and Quinn, as the book progresses, becomes increasingly eloquent, dropping the convoluted syntax in favor of a cleaner, more contemporary line. And if the history sometimes overwhelms the story, it is always fascinating. There are marvelous divagations on the lineage of the Staats family and the Underground Railroad, and a colorful sample of the age's sportswriting. Kennedy does indeed have the power to peer into the past, to breathe life into it and make it indispensable, and Quinn's battle to control his destiny and win Maud is by turns grim, amusing and deeply moving.

In an era when so much of our fiction is content to accomplish so little, ''Quinn's Book'' is a revelation. Large-minded, ardent, alive on every page with its author's passion for his place and the events that made it, it is a novel to savor. One puts down ''Quinn's Book'' with a sigh, ever envying Mr. Kennedy his roots. When Magdalena Colon decided she was about to die for the second time, she announced from her bed that the only way she could die properly was lying by the water under a tree.

Instead of a birthday party to celebrate her being alive for fifty-five years, what she now wanted was a wake to acknowledge her passing over into lovely death, but held while she was still alive and able to enjoy both sides of existence at the same time.

She then sent for me to ask my advice in publicizing her wake, since she wanted all her friends and enemies to come. I suggested a handbill. And you can read it tonight at the wake instead of some poopy old prayer. William Kennedy describes ''Quinn's Book'' as ''a project of long standing in my imagination'' - so long, in fact, that it was there before ''Legs,'' ''Billy Phelan's Greatest Game'' and ''Ironweed,'' and lent shape to those novels. Kennedy said in a telephone interview from Paris, where he was meeting with the publishers of the French edition of ''Legs.

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I thought about how important it all was to him - of the long-dead past being so vivid and wanting to communicate it to me. Kennedy said he had held on to the notes he scribbled during that and other conversations, intending to write an epic novel that would trace the history of Albany from its beginnings.

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Kennedy said. New lines are established that I hope will be part of future books. It's inexhaustible - I've got about five books in my head. The research on this one was casual reading in many, many books, and discovering language.