The Darwin Awards 3: Survival of the Fittest

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Verified Purchase. The vignettes are humorous and clearly marked whether they are confirmed or unconfirmed.

Darwin Awards

Interspersed between the chapters are essays on scientific topics ranging from mosquito spit to duck phalli to real life Hobbits. June 9, - Published on Amazon. At least half of the book is filler stuff like science essays and FAQs. While the actual Darwin awards part was good, there wasn't enough of it for the price I paid. I feel I should get at least half of my money back, as I only got half of what I wanted to read.

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I get more material to read from a Reader's Digest magazine for about a quarter the price I paid for this. July 15, - Published on Amazon. I enjoyed the book even though it's not the type I usually read for escapism but it did furnish some along with a laugh here and there. For some reason I had nearly a monopoly on doing some things the hard way with the same outcome or not getting it done at all but causing more work for someone else. So I offer my thanks.

The Darwin Awards

May 22, - Published on Amazon. My 16 year old had never heard of Darwin so it made a great Christmas present. He loved it so much he bought one for his friends birthday. Never to young to read and appreciate reading Darwin. January 29, - Published on Amazon.

The Darwin Awards are given to people who die in the dumbest way. It may sound callous to say the stories are hilarious since the person ended up dead.

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However, they died because of the stupid situations they put themselves in. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Title Author. Pre-recorded digital audio player 1. Description of this Book Honoring those who improve our gene pool by inadvertently removing themselves from it, The Darwin Awards III includes more than one hundred brand new, hilariously macabre mishaps and misadventures. SF Weekly A warning to all dimwits.

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Darwin and Natural Selection: Crash Course History of Science #22

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