The New Zealand Wars 1820-72

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This new Osprey Men-at-Arms book describes the fighting that took place between and in a series of wars between various participants. Eventually the British regular troops were withdrawn, leaving the ongoing fighting to colonial New Zealand troops such as the famed Forest Rangers. His writing style is engaging and tells the complex stories of the wars in a logical manner. The illustrations by Italian artist Raffaele Ruggeri really bring this intriguing series of conflicts to life.

He has also nicely caught the rather unconventional uniforms of the colonial troops, for example the shawls often worn instead of trousers. So I am not well-placed to comment on the accuracy or otherwise of this book. My own view is that this book is indeed an excellent summary, breaking the complex story into a number of easily read episodes that fit together to paint the whole picture.

The description of the weapons and uniforms of the participants is particularly interesting, especially as many of these were unique to New Zealand. So I am happy to thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know a bit more about these odd colonial wars that occurred in this far-flung outpost of the British Empire. A great review, but I think that it was always destined for the collection.

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Great to see you miniatures massed together, which reminds me that I must pick up the Naval landing party at Salute. Hi Roly. Would you be interested in loaning these for a display at the Whanganui Regional Museum in the near future? Locked museum display case and all that. I have been asked to put on some static displays and perhaps the odd demo game of something at the museum. I have some people from the museum coming out to the Woolshed next weekend so will let you know what they are looking for.

The New Zealand Wars - The East Coast Wars:5

Thanks Roly. Cool — look forward to it.

I think my figures could certainly depict the Whanganui campaign in Hi Roly — can you email at brian dot smaller hp dot com. Roly, An excellent review and thanks for giving my books a plug on your blog. My copy of the NZ Wars arrived in the post this week and I too was impressed with the illustrations. In the MAA series Osprey authors are restricted to writing 18, words and the biggest problem is what to leave out, not what to put in. At a glance I think Ian Knight has done a fantastic job in bringing the era to light.

Cheers, Stacky. They are both fantastic!

The New Zealand Wars 1820-72

I know the huge amount of work you put into them, and fully understand the constraints of the Osprey house style. The book he co-wrote with Gerry Embleton, Military Dress of the Peninsular War , is one of my favourite military books of all time. But at the time, nobody knew fighting was over — peace had not been formally made with the King Country. But what we can do is recognise that these wars did an awful lot to shape not just mid-nineteenth century New Zealand — but New Zealand as a whole.

The author does himself talk about the matter of the end date in his book. Author Ian Knight , Ian Castle. British Infantryman vs Zulu Warrior.

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